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Desert Flower Ladies Day at the Range Delivery

Ding dong. Special delivery. Sign here.
DFLD shipment Howard LeightHard-working Desert Flower Ladies’ Day donations coordinator, Isadora, received a huge shipment from one of our 2016 sponsors, Howard Leight. What a pleasant surprise it was to open the door and see all of the donation boxes that had arrived for Rio Salado’s 2nd Annual Ladies’ Day at the Range!

We cannot thank Howard Leight enough. They were extremely supportive from the start and just as excited as we are about our special event.

What’s in the boxes? I’m guessing they are filled with the awesome, high-quality eye and ear protection that the Howard Leight company is known for. Our desert flowers will definitely be safe and sound when they arrive at the shooting line on March 12th!

Thank you, thank you, thank you #HowardLeight


DFLD shipment Howard Leight

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