in Mesa, Arizona is where we hold all of our classes.

Come shoot with us at the east valley’s premier outdoor range!

Outdoor Range

Rio Salado is an outdoor range, with several shooting areas and large event spaces.

Training Bays

We are able to reserve dedicated, private training areas for all of our classes.

Indoor Classrooms

In inclement weather, we use indoor classrooms for the first hour’s Safety Orientation.

Rio Salado is a “COLD” Range!

All firearms must be UNLOADED and BAGGED upon arrival at range.
Firearms will be handled / loaded ONLY under the supervision of an instructor or range safety officer.

Do NOT handle firearms in the car / parking lot.  Keep all firearms enclosed in their bags / cases until you have arrived at a safety area or on the shooting line and are under a safety officer or instructor’s command.


Eye protection is required at all times, unless you are in your vehicle or a building.


Drugs and / or alcohol are NOT allowed at the range (in you or on you).

NEVER use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, or marijuana / other illegal drugs before or while shooting.


Ear protection is required when on the shooting line or in the shooting bays.

Are you ready to begin shooting pistol competitions?

Rio’s Practical Division wants to provide a friendly, encouraging and informative environment for all who want to compete, and more importantly, we want everyone to get started off on the right foot. 

The Practical Shooting Starter Course (PSSC) shows you how to get into “practical” or “action” shooting matches. We want all of our new competitors to understand exactly what our matches demand of every shooter, from safety and match procedures to basic techniques and match commands. And the bonus is that we actually run you through 8 to 9 live “courses of fire”.  

Find Us

Range Address
3690 N. Usery Pass Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85207