Firearm Safety & Education

Safety Is Always
Priority One

As responsible firearms owners, it is our DUTY to know and understand the rules of firearm safety and safe gun handling. It is our responsibility to ALWAYS implement, follow, practice and teach these rules. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of what you are doing, who you are with or where you are.
NEVER use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs,
prescription drugs, marijuana / other illegal drugs before or while shooting.

Gun Safety Rules

Guns Are Always LOADED

Treat ALL firearms as if LOADED. It is the user’s responsibility to know and confirm the condition of the firearm. Always check and then double check the firearm.

Muzzle Direction

Keep the gun muzzle POINTED in a safe direction. Never allow the firearm’s muzzle to point at or “flag” anything you don’t intend to shoot and destroy.

Trigger Finger

Keep your FINGER(S) OFF of the TRIGGER and VISIBLY OUT OF THE TRIGGER GUARD until you are pointed at a target and have made the decision to shoot.

Know Your Target

Be CERTAIN of your target, the line of sight and what is behind your target. If you’re uncertain, DON’T shoot.

Safe Storage

Always store / keep your firearm in a secure place and keep all firearms away from children and unauthorized users.

To learn more about talking to your kids about gun safety, scroll down!

Eye and Ear Pro

Always wear ear protection and protective glasses that are ANSI-rated for safety.

Additional Safety Rules

There are many things to learn as a new gun owner, and there are a lot of additional safety considerations as you become more involved in the wonderful world of firearms.
Ammunition (i.e., misfires, squib loads), storage, cleaning and repair, customizations, holsters, drawing and reholstering, reloading, and transporting firearms are just a few of the topics you will need to learn about.

Check out the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation’s more-thorough safety rules.

Are your kids curious about guns?
Educate them!

Teaching your children about firearm safety is always a good idea,
even if you don’t want them to learn to shoot (yet). 
We teach our kids about the dangers of drugs, strangers, fire,
drowning, hot stoves, crossing streets, etc.
It makes good sense to also teach them about gun safety.

Does your child know what to do if he or she finds a gun?
Talk to them about it – these resources below are a great place to start.
Click anywhere in the boxes to go to their websites.

New to shooting?
Get proper instruction!

Get quality instruction from a Professional Firearms Instructor BEFORE shooting for the first time.
Unfortunately, there are companies / individuals offering instruction
that may not be qualified, competent or properly insured.
Do your research.

As a firearms owner, It is also your responsibility to become
familiar, proficient, competent and confident with your firearms.

Own a firearm for self defense?
Take a CCW Course!

If you intend on owning a firearm for self protection / home defense, educate yourself by taking your State’s Concealed Carry Weapons course.  
Make an ongoing commitment to train regularly with your firearm
so you are safe, accurate, confident and competent. #ondemand

State Firearm Laws / CCW Reciprocity (External Website)