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HerHandgun –  Pistol Classes For Women – Gun Classes For Beginners – Firearm Classes in Phoenix & Mesa, AZ

HerHandgun classes are held in Mesa, Arizona. The range, Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club, is in the East Valley.

Instructors, Kippi Leatham and Debbie Keehart, are National and International USPSA / IPSC Pistol Champions.  With over 4 decades of combined competition experience, they know what it takes to become a successful shot.  Kippi and Debbie provide quality instruction, ranging from the basics of proper stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger pull to the more-advanced techniques of drawing from a holster, shooting multiple targets, reloading, safely moving with your firearm, and many other FUN-damentals!

October 2012 Basic Firearms 101 Class - They were an AWESOME group of women!

Eventually, Kippi and Debbie hope that you will begin attending our monthly practice sessions. For whatever reason you choose to own a gun, it is so very important that you not only learn how to safely and properly shoot, but also extremely pertinent that you shoot REGULARLY to increase familiarity, instill confidence and improve your skill set.

At HerHandgun, we do not teach tactics, self-defense or state concealed carry requirements and law.  However, we absolutely recommend that you educate yourself about the legalities of owning and carrying a firearm for personal protection and highly recommend the CCW and defense courses offered by Lance Nickell and Kevin Jeffries at ADVANCED DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, LLC.

Please check our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

***Important *** HerHandgun reserves the right to deny participation to or remove from class any individual based on any condition or circumstance that may possibly create an unsafe environment or situation. 

 ~Class Offerings

(Check the CLASS SCHEDULE Page for Practice Session & Class DATES):

  • BASIC PISTOL 101 – For women who have never shot, are still new to firearms, have a CCW and want to shoot more, or want to improve their existing basic pistol skills (more information below).
  • INTERMEDIATE PISTOL 201 –  Come learn the basics of safe competition – Drawing, reloading, multiple shots, multiple targets. See course information below for requirements and more info.
  • ADVANCED COMPETITION 202 – Attend this class to learn some of the more-advanced aspects of competition shooting – Shooting on the move, position setups, target acquisition, swingers, strong-hand shooting. Successful completion of the Competition 201 Class (or competition experience) is required before attending this class.
  • PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION – If you are interested in a private class, contact Kip or Debbie at info@herhandgun.com.  Full payment is due in advance for all private sessions.
  • COUPLES CLASSES – Register for one of our group couples classes or schedule a private session for you and your significant other for a fun “date night”!

 ~Basic Pistol 101 Information

-Our Basic Pistol 101 Class is for any woman who is brand new to shooting.
-The 101 Class may also appeal to women that want to brush up on their basic pistol skills.
-If you have your CCW and want to expand your knowledge of shooting, this class is a good start!
-No previous pistol / shooting experience required.
-You must be 21 years of age or older to enroll.  16 – 20 year olds may be conditionally accepted, but parents must be present.

Own Gun & Ammo:  $95 to $105 per person (depending on weather / classroom session) if you bring your own revolver or pistol with magazines.  Student may supply their own FACTORY ammunition or purchase 9 mm from HerHandgun, if we have it available.  As of summer 2020, ammunition has been very hard to find.
Rental Gun:  $115 to $125 per person (depending on weather / classroom session), which includes the “rental” of a .22 caliber or 9 mm pistol, and magazines.
AMMUNITION is extra!  If we have ammunition, pricing is based on current retail value.  PLEASE INQUIRE FIRST.

DEPOSIT: $35 deposit is required to reserve a space in class. Balance is due in cash upon arrival at class.  Deposit is non-refundable if you no show or cancel / reschedule fewer than 7 days before class.

Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club
3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.
Mesa, Arizona 85207


100 rounds of FACTORY ammunition required. HerHandgun may have 9 mm factory ammo for purchase.

Openings are limited to 4 – 8 students, based on group experience and individual skills. If the class is full, we will notify you of optional dates.


  • Range Safety Rules
  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Review of Different Types of Pistols
  • Pistol Functionality / Mechanics
  • Shooting Stance
  • Shooting Grip
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Control
  • Shoot!

~Intermediate 201 & Advanced 202 Information

-Our INTERMEDIATE PISTOL / COMPETITION 201 Class is for women who want to begin competing in action pistol matches.
-The 201 Class may also appeal to women that want to continue to learn new skills with their handgun, but don’t want to compete.
-You must be 21 years of age or older to enroll.
-Previous pistol / shooting experience is REQUIRED.

  • You must be CLASSIFIED by a National Shooting Organization – or –
  • Currently participating in HerHandgun monthly practice sessions – or –
  • Approved by HerHandgun instructors based on your experience.

Based on class size.

Full payment is due two weeks prior to scheduled date to confirm space in class.

Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club
3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.
Mesa, Arizona 85207


300 rounds of ammunition required.

Openings are limited to 4 – 8 students, based on group experience and individual skills. If the class is full, we will notify you of optional dates.


  • Range Safety Rules
  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Range Commands
  • Match Etiquette
  • The Draw
  • Re-holstering
  • Reloading
  • Multiple Shots
  • Multiple Targets
  • Moving Between Positions


  • Partial Targets
  • Varied Target Distances – up to 50 yards
  • Target Acquisitions
  • Moving Targets
  • Kneeling & Prone Positions
  • Moving & Shooting
  • Challenging Setups / Positions

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