Quality Firearms Training

For Women & By Women

Learn to shoot properly with TWO female ACTION-SHOOTING CHAMPIONS!

Pistol Classes For Women — of all skill levels.


For women who have never shot, are still new to firearms, have a CCW and want to learn more, OR just want to improve their existing basic pistol skills. Must be 21 or older to attend.


If you are interested in a private group or one-on-one class, we are confident that we can take you to the next level, regardless of your current skills. Get more info HERE!


Register for one of our group couples classes or schedule a private session for you and your significant other. Makes for a great “date night”! Head over to our CLASSES page for more info.

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Does your business, church, or organization need some cohesion? A team-building day at the range can be a fun and educational event for all! Send us an INQUIRY for all of the details.

Our instructors are detail oriented with many decades of experience
in both teaching & competing! And SAFETY is always priority one!

Become safe, confident and competent with your pistol.
It’s not that hard.

Our Mission

To ASSIST women with firearms safety and basic-to-advanced pistol instruction.

To TEACH all of our clients to be completely self reliant with their firearm.

To EDUCATE women about the importance of firearms ownership in the USA
and our Second Amendment Right.

To INCREASE the number of responsible, competent women firearm owners.  
There are far too many women at the range watching their significant others.

To ENCOURAGE women to get out of their comfort zone and
become awesome role models and mentors for all shooters!

To HELP soon-to-be gun owners prepare to purchase a gun of their own.

To PRACTICE monthly with our ladies so they can shoot on a more-regular basis
and maybe, someday, in the near future, compete in organized shooting sports.