Everyone! We offer pistol classes for women (and men) of all skill levels.

Women-Only Classes – Our monthly pre-scheduled Group Classes are for women only.

The Basic Pistol 101 Group Class is for any woman who is brand new to shooting. It is also for those women who haven’t shot in a while and want to brush up / review gun safety and proper shooting techniques.

Private Beginning Classes – We schedule private training for women, men, couples, families and company outings.

Private Intermediate and Advanced Classes – If you already have pistol experience and need more-advanced instruction, we also schedule private sessions. We will cater the class to your specific needs; whether you want to improve your accuracy or speed, fix your “low, left” impact problem, learn to draw from a holster, or you want to get started in pistol competitions.

CCW Classes – If you are considering taking a CCW (concealed carry weapons) course, take our class first. We teach the basic pistol safety and shooting skills that you will need for the live fire portion of the CCW course. A CCW course will not teach you how to shoot.

Her Handgun reserves the right to deny participation to or remove from class any individual based on any condition or circumstance that may possibly create an unsafe environment or situation.

Yes, it is.

Many of our clients who have never shot a gun before feel this way! You are not alone.

A firearm is something to be respected but not feared. Many women are not taught about firearms, shooting or hunting during their lifetime. The fear of the unknown / lack of information can create nervousness or anxiety. But don’t worry – you are in good hands. Our safe, informative, thorough, hands-on approach will take all of the mystery out of your handgun and how to shoot.

You will feel completely different about your gun and shooting when class is over and will likely leave with a big smile!

Knowledge is power!

We offer pistols to rent if you want to “try before you buy”. We highly recommend this!

Please do NOT rush out and buy a small, compact or sub-compact pistol because it’s a pretty color or you think you need a tiny gun because you are a woman!

It’s very important to buy a pistol that fits YOU.

The BIGGER a pistol is, the easier it is to learn on, grip, operate, shoot, control.

The SMALLER a pistol is, the more challenging it is to learn on, grip, operate, shoot, control. #itsjustphysics

Personal preferences also play a big role in firearm selection. Check out the following FAQ section on pistol recommendations.

Purpose and Size – Where do you want to store / carry / use the pistol? Think about how big of a pistol you need and how many rounds of ammunition you would like to have in the loaded gun. Always buy a new firearm, based on its intended use / purpose.

It’s very important to buy a pistol that fits YOU.

Don’t let the larger handguns intimidate you. Many medium to full-size pistols have smaller grips / interchangeable backstraps to adjust for smaller hands and shorter fingers.  

Small sub-compact and compact guns are meant for concealing / carrying on body or in a small purse. This size gun can be very challenging to shoot, but definitely has a place and purpose. And with proper training, you can learn to control and shoot them well

Medium to full-size guns can be used for home defense, vehicle carry, etc. These guns, in general, are much easier and more enjoyable to shoot and practice with.

Caliber – Most women can easily control and really enjoy shooting 9 mm caliber. This is the caliber we suggest for new shooters. Larger calibers (.40 and .45) are generally more powerful and have more recoil. That’s not to say you cannot learn to control or shoot them well – remember firearm selection is personal preference. Larger caliber guns are a great option for your pistol collection.

Fit – The pistol should properly fit YOUR hands. Most importantly, you should be able to properly grip the gun, and your trigger finger needs to properly reach the trigger. 

Operation – Ideally, you should be able to operate the slide, engage slide lever, push magazine release button, engage safety (if applicable). We will teach you proper techniques if you struggle with any of these manipulations. It’s not that hard if you know the proper method of operation.

Left Handed Shooters – If you are a LEFTIE, make sure your gun has ambidextrous controls (safety, mag release button, slide lever). Most guns are built for right-handed shooters, although many manufacturers are producing guns with ambidextrous controls now.

Shooting is a skill that demands clear judgement and a certain amount of physical stamina and strength.

Please register for our classes IF:

-You have no condition(s) that limit your strength and/or physical ability to firmly hold and safely operate a pistol.

-Your hands and arms are physically strong enough to hold and safely operate and control a pistol.

-You have NO physical, mental, emotional and/or medical condition(s) that may interfere with your strength, stamina or impair your judgement.* We require you to be in complete control emotionally, mentally and physically. 

-You can stand / shoot for 2 -3 hours without a long break. Note that we also shoot outdoors.

If you have NO condition(s) that limit your strength and/or physical ability to firmly hold and safely operate and control a pistol, please join a GROUP session;

If you have strength / physical limitations, please contact us for a PRIVATE session.

We absolutely cannot instruct any person with any form of mental illness and/or drug addiction/drug use problem that would prohibit them from legally and/or safely possessing and using a firearm. Marijuana is still illegal Federally in the USA.

Children / young adults may attend our classes ALONE once they have reached 18 years of age.

Minor Policy:  We may allow minors under the age of 18, based on their experience, attention span and maturity level. Since all children are unique and develop and mature differently, they may or may not be ready to learn about firearms and firearm safety by a predetermined age.  

We rely on parents to ensure that their children are mature enough (emotionally, physically, mentally) to understand the importance and seriousness of an introductory handgun class. Parents must also attend class with their minor child. We suggest scheduling a private session in this situation. Please contact us to arrange.

We do not have an upper age limit, and we have many clients in their golden years. Shooting is a skill though that demands a certain amount of physical stamina and strength. Please read about physical requirements above. 

If you have strength / physical limitations, please contact us for a PRIVATE session.

We allow a maximum of 4 shooters per instructor. Once we begin the live fire session, each instructor typically has no more than 2 students shooting at a time.

No – we do not teach the CCW course, but we strongly recommend taking the class and can point you to a great resource.
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If you are considering taking a state CCW course, take our class first. We teach the basic pistol safety and shooting skills that you will need for the live fire portion of the CCW course.  Most CCW courses do NOT teach you how to shoot.

Everything you learn in our Basic 101 Pistol Class will better prepare you for a CCW course.