Your instructors, Deb and Kip, have been teaching gun owners how to properly shoot since 2008.

We love teaching firearm safety and
proper shooting techniques!

Nothing is better than watching women go from feeling uneasy with and intimidated by their new pistol to responsible

firearm owners who are
confident and competent shooters!

Teaching vs. competing

Competing is completely for oneself — it’s exciting, challenging and unexpected!

But teaching is all about helping the student. It’s not always easy, but it’s a gratifying work of the heart.

Our wish for all of our clients is that they continue their shooting journey. Practice and continued training are so important.
And once they become proficient (and bored) with that, we hope to bring them into the wild world of action shooting sports!

Gold Trophy in Close-Up Photography
We love our job!

Although we have traveled the world competing & winning,
the feedback we get from our clients is much more rewarding than any trophy on our shelves.

  • NRA Certified Instructors
  • USPSA National Champions
  • IPSC World Champions

Meet Debbie Keehart, USPSA Women’s National Champion

Debbie has competed in Practical Pistol competitive events since 1992.  She is a USPSA National Champion and an IPSC World Champion, both team and individual. Deb began instructing large training events / experiences for women several years before Her Handgun was born. She is also a savvy realtor.

Finished among Top 8 Women at all World Matches attended

That’s impressive!

USPSA National Women’s Championship Titles


IPSC Individual and “Gold Team USA” World Championship


Meet Kippi Leatham, 4-Time USPSA Women’s National Champion

Kippi has competed in Practical Pistol competitive events since 1986.  She is a USPSA National Champion and an IPSC World Team Champion.
She has been instructing with her husband, world-famous competitive shooter and firearms instructor Rob Leatham, since the early 2000s.  
Kippi also teaches the Practical Shooting Starter Course for those who are ready to begin competing in Action Pistol Events!

Finished among Top 8 Women at all National and World Matches attended

Best individual finishes at World Championships were 2nd and 3rd!

National Women’s Championship Titles

USPSA Titles

1911 Single Stack Classic Title


IPSC “Gold Team USA” World Championship

It was really hard to beat Team USA – both the Women’s and Men’s Teams – back in the day!

our shooting journey

We wouldn’t be where we are today without these fine industry organizations & companies.