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Welcome to HerHandgun.com

Just a few of the awesome women who shoot with us each month!

Welcome, Ladies!  We’re so glad you have come to our site.  We hope you are visiting HerHandgun.com because:

  1. You’re ready to learn how to SHOOT – or-
  2. You want to brush up on your existing handgun skills – or –
  3. You are ready to begin competing in an action pistol match!

HerHandgun.com firearms CLASSES and pistol MATCHES are operated by Debbie Keehart and Kippi Leatham.   We compete in practical shooting events on a local, national and world-wide basis.  We are both action pistol champions, and combined, we have been competing in organized action pistol, rifle and shotgun matches for over 35 years.

Our mission at HerHandgun.com is multi-fold:

  • To ASSIST women with firearms safety and basic to advanced pistol instruction.
  • To EMPOWER women with the knowledge & confidence required to shoot a handgun proficiently.
  • To INCREASE the number of responsible women firearm owners. There are far too many women at the range watching their significant others.
  • To ENCOURAGE women to get out of their comfort zone and compete in organized shooting sports.
  • To EDUCATE women about firearms ownership & the importance of our Second Amendment Right.

Why do we do this?

  • It’s a proven fact that women learn better from women.
  • And it’s so very rewarding!

We are at a point in our careers where we want to focus on getting more women out to the shooting range!   We have seen a recent influx of ladies at our local range, but they are usually watching their “significant other” shoot.  We think that if you are going to take time out of your busy day to go to the range, you may as well be shooting your own gun!

If this concept of shooting (and no longer just watching) interests you, take a look at our CLASS and MATCH schedule.  All of our scheduled events are for WOMEN ONLY! Our shooting environment is low key, safe, supportive, and testosterone-free!

We hope to see you sometime soon … at the range!

Debbie Keehart & Kippi Leatham

For more information, contact us via e-mail:  [email protected]

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