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What Syndey Had to Say About One-On-One Lessons …

Debbie also offers one-on-one shooting instruction (vs. Group Instruction).  Here is what one of her students had to say about taking lessons from another female shooter…

“A friend of mine purchased a new Springfield 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol.  Never having shot before, he felt lessons were in order and included me.  To be honest, I was not keen on going.  The picture I had in mind when he told me about the lesson, was something straight out of Deliverance.  I was pleasantly surprised to meet Debbie with her easy smile and purple gripped Semi-Automatic.  Finally, someone who didn’t tease me about  shooting with a .38 or a 357 revolver.  I learned so much in that short period of time and I had fun doing so.  I am looking forward to another lesson.  Am I a good shot? Heck no! Shooting straight with a .38 is not easy, but I am a much more confident shooter and with practice and the lessons learned, I am sure that I will get better. 

All this is thanks to Debbie’s ability as a marksman as well as teacher

Thank you Debbie,


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