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A Lady’s Testimonial about learning to shoot!

Recently while instructing at a Babes with Bullets Camp(TM), I met Denise who wanted to share her experience with other women.  Enjoy!

“Hello Everyone, I am writing this to tell you about my experience with at a Ladies-Only Shooting Camp. I attended the camp in Tucson, Arizona. I came to camp more than a little timid of handguns, in spite of being a hunter with long guns, bow, and black powder.  Also a large issue for me was traveling alone. That said, let me tell you about my time at camp.

The instructors, Kay, Judy, Debbie Keehart, Deb Ferns, and Annette were so kind and caring, not to mention patient!! They put you at ease, answer any question you have, and believe me, I had some doozies. They never make anyone feel uncomfortable or out of place. Judy was always there including my wallfower self in things. Annette gave me many helpful and practical hints. Deb Ferns is the ultimate cheerleader/princess- boy, can she Bling!! Debbie Keehart kept me laughing, while instilling in me the love of competition, and the courage to go for it. Kay gave me instruction and encouragement with her gentle way of pushing you to be the best you can be. She was also a great help with the travel issue. I know I’ll recognize her next time at the airport.

All in all, it was an absolute fantastic time. I left Arizona with a new confidence in safe handgunnig, love of steel shooting, and a bunch of new friendships that will last a lifetime. Ladies, even if you don’t think you are interested in trying this, give it a go- you will suprise yourself.

If you are interested, I can’t say enough about how much you will love it! An added bonus, my husband is thrilled with my love of handguns,so much that Santa is bringing me a S&W 9mm for X-mas. And you should see the way he looks when we talk about shooting, he’s so proud his buttons are poppin’.

Can’t wait for camp in April!  I’m looking forward to seeing friends and making some new ones. So give it a go- you won’t be sorry. Keep shooting safe and keep those steel targets ringing-Geeze! I Love that sound!”


We at HerHandgun.com offer one-day-only Ladies Classes.  For information about the ladies camps, please contact our friends at bang-inc.com!

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