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2009 Summer Classes

You can’t say that women aren’t troopers!  Even though the temperatures in Arizona soared above 100 degrees in June & July, Debbie and I still had students registering and attending our summer classes!

Once the sun starts descending, the training bays at Rio Salado Sportmans’ Club are actually quite tolerable.  Our gals, who were all brand new to shooting, did a marvelous job!  They quickly absorbed the safety rules, learned the differences between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols and were eager to get on to the shooting.  They ladies were very accurate and not a single shot missed any target! As a matter of fact, almost all shots were dead center. I’m not surprised at all by that accomplishment …

To boot, we all had a great time, even though we had to pick up brass!

Classes for the fall will soon be scheduled.  Check the CLASSES page for more information.

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