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Rain, rain, go away!

I love it when it rains in our desert, and I know how much we need the precipitation.  However, I’m hoping that mother nature doesn’t put a damper on any more of our shooting events!  We haven’t been able to practice with everyone since December of 2009!

I’m just hoping that all of our new lady students haven’t lost the desire to shoot!  We’re trying to find a place to meet this Saturday, March 13th – so, we’ll keep you posted.  In the mean time, we look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled practice match / session on Thursday, April 22nd at 6:00 p.m.   Mark your calendars!  : )

We move to evenings in the Summer time and did it a month early this year, as the first Sunday of April is Easter and the range is closed.   

Until we meet again – it’s bound to happen,


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