Debbie Does “BWB” in Colorado

The Warm Weather Phoenix Girl Adapts to CCCold Colorado…

Have you ever dryfired in a banquet room?  How about played with guns and lasers in a parking garage?  Well, I know about 26 women who have!  No worries, we had permission, it was all very safe and there was no ammunition present!

When you are faced with 30 degree weather, rain, sleet, hail and snow, a “Babes with Bullets” (R)  Instructor knows how to get creative!  That is exactly what happened at our ladies pistol camp in Steamboat Springs, Co this last May!

We had 20 plus ladies expecting to learn to shoot and we were determined to teach them!  Mother Nature changed our strategy but certainly didn’t stop us.  Teaching safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control are all things you can do indoors ( like a banquet room).  Even shooting on the move works if you’ve got room. 

Since it was off season for skiing, our condo complex was mostly empty and that included the parking garage…it was the perfect setting.(warm & dry!)  Dryfiring with lasers on the guns is a great way to see how much movement you are truly dealing with or how steady you actually are.  It’s great for target transitions too.   But,as cool a place to practice as it was, I don’t recommend this to any of you..  (Don’t try this at home).

Kudos to all the ladies at camp.  We did do a fair amount of actual shooting in the cold and rain.  I don’t think there was one complaint except maybe from me when my hands got so cold I couldn’t even rip the tape for the targets.  When the camp was over, the ladies had learned a lot, shot some great courses of fire, and went home with a new love for shooting!

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Instructor – HerHandgun & Babes with Bullets (R)

Disclaimer: Babes with Bullets (R) and HerHandgun are not affiliated businesses; however,  HerHandgun instructors are also part of the instructor team for the Babes with Bullets (R) camps.

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