Jo is Going Gun Shopping!

Meeting you Kippi, and Debbie was great!  Having learned from you both was even greater!  When I came to work on Monday and was talking to some of the guys that shoot for sport here, they asked who was my instructor?  I told them your name and they said ” Wow, you learned from the best!”  That made me feel so good.  As you both were instructing us I felt your professionalism and your strong desire to keep safety first and foremost.  I learned so much from you both in such a short amount of time.  I’m glad my first experience was with you both as I feel now that I had a solid start.  A firm foundation so to speak.  My husband and I are going gun shopping this weekend.  Prior to your class I thought I liked the feel of the revolver.  After shooting it, not so much!  You did spoil me with your 1911 and Debbie’s Glock, though!  Enjoyed those! 

Thanks for sharing your expertise with me!  I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around.  I think I got the bug!  What fun!


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