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Area-2 Recap and December Practice Match – Annie Get Your Shotgun!






USPSA Area-2 Championship Recap:

We hope you’re having a wonderful November!  We  really missed shooting with you this month.  As you already know, our November Practice Match was cancelled due to the USPSA Area-2 Desert Classic match held earlier in November.   We do have a lot of good news to report from the Match, though.  Here is how our HerHandgun ladies performed – hope I didn’t miss anybody:

  • Sue Little finished 8th in Open Division
  • Trisha Lowry finished 9th in Open Division
  • Cindy Catizone finished 11th in Open Division
  • Gale Aschenbach finished 14th in Open Division
  • Jaci Janes finished 2nd in the Single Stack Division
  • Kippi Leatham won the women’s Area-2 Single Stack Division Championship
  • Cindy Redies finished 4 in Limited Division
  • Debbie Keehart won the women’s Area-2 Limited Division Championship

BIG congrats to all of the ladies who shot the match.  Next year, maybe we’ll see more of you participating at the largest USPSA Area Match in the country!


December Practice Match – Annie get your Shotgun:

With the busy holidays impending, we wanted to remind you well in advance of our December practice match.  It will be held Sunday, December 2nd from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Please arrive by 1:45 at the latest to sign up and gear up!

This month, Deb would like to include one stage that uses a shotgun and a pistol.  She will supply her shotgun, but if you have your own, please feel free to bring it [unloaded of course] and your own ammo.  Birdshot only – no slugs.

If you would like to help with the cost of shotgun ammo, please pick up a box of 8 shot 12 gauge shotgun shells or bring a couple of extra dollars.  Deb would certainly appreciate it!

We won’t shoot a lot of shotgun in the stage, but Deb wants to introduce something fun and different!  If you’re a little [shot]gun-shy, we won’t force you to shoot, but we’re thinking you’ll really like it if you give it a try!  🙂

Hope to see you the first Sunday of December!  You will need 100 rounds of pistol ammo to get through the courses.  Remember – you must have prior approval to join us if you haven’t shot with us before.  $10 for Rio members, $15 for guests.  What better way to relieve a little Holiday stress …

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.




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