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RSSC’s Desert Flower Ladies Day At The Range – What to expect?

Congratulations on registering for the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club’s Annual Desert Flower Ladies’ Day at the Range!

We volunteers are very excited about our upcoming event and we hope you are too! 

To prepare for the event, please read the entire page before arriving on Saturday.


You have completely registered, so no further payment is required.  Remember that the credit card line item shows from STRIPE – HERHANDGUN.  Bring your payment email for verification.

Bring CASH to the event if you wish to purchase any of the cool shooting-related items we will have in the Swag & Brag Lounge!


Prior to the event, PLEASE READ the following waivers for the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club’s Desert Flower Ladies’ Day.  Feel free to print, sign and bring to the event. We will also provide the waivers at registration.  



Remember to bring your drivers license for registration also. No license / ID, no participation.


You will also need eye protection. You must wear glasses the entire time you are outside at the range.  Regular glasses and sunglasses are acceptable as long as your eyes are entirely protected. We will have a few safety glasses to loan if you would like to wear shooting classes.

Foam earplugs will be provided for everybody, and we will have a few earmuffs available at the shooting stations for you to borrow. But if you have your own set, please bring them. 


Rio Salado Sportsmans Club – 3960 N. Usery Pass Rd. Mesa 85207

When you arrive at the range go straight on the paved road until you come to the first left. Turn left to get to registration. We will be in the large building on the left. You may have to park in the area to the north and walk across the road.


Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before YOUR scheduled squad or start time. You will be at the range approximately 3 hours. 

Our event completely filled (woo hoo!), so it’s very important that we get started on time to stay on track for all of the squads. If you forgot your scheduled START time please click on the link at the bottom of your registration email to verify.  If you are coming with others that you wish to shoot with, please notify registration when you arrive so we can “squad” you together. You will be rotating through the shooting stations with a small group to expedite the day.  


All participants begin in the registration building at your designated start time. There are 5 separate start times:

8:00 am
8:45 am
9:30 am
10:15 am
11:00 am

Once you register, you will go through the SAFETY STATION, which consists of SAFETY & TERMINOLOGY, TECHNIQUE & LOADING / UNLOADING, and BLUE GUN.

You will then head to the outdoor ranges. Eye protection is REQUIRED at all times while outdoors. There will be a range master to direct you to your starting range.

We have 4 SHOOTING stations:

1 – .22 Rifle
2 – Pistol
3 – Cowboy Fastdraw
4 – Shotgun

You will start on one of the four stations and rotate through the stations in numerical order (1,2,3,4 or 2,3,4,1 or 3,4,1,2 or 4,1,2,3).

Please go to ALL of the shooting stations, in the requested order, even if you don’t want to participate.  This is the only way the event will run smoothly.

When done shooting one station, you may go to the next station.


All participants will receive a SWAG BAG after they have gone through all 5 of our stations (Safety, Rifle, Pistol, FastDraw & Shotgun).  When done shooting, return to the Registration Building and go to the SWAG & BRAG LOUNGE area to pick up your bag.  Our Swag & Brag hostess, will request your name tag and lanyard in exchange for your bag. 

IMPORTANT – Check your bag carefully for a “special certificate” (placed in random bags).  A special certificate = A special prize!  #GoodLuck

We will also have cookies, water, and a few irresistible products on display AND FOR SALE.  PLEASE BRING CASH – as we do not have credit card processing in the lounge.

In the lounge, we encourage you to relax, share pictures and talk about the day with your new shooting friends! 


– Low cut shirts or loose fitting shirts or tank tops.
– Flip flops, sandals or open-toed shoes.
– Short shorts.
– Please protect and cover your body and feet. Sometimes hot brass likes to get caught in our clothing!   
– A hat is highly recommended.


Do NOT bring your own guns. All firearms and ammunition are provided.
– Do not bring children or pets.
– Spectators may watch from behind the firing lines and must have eye and ear protection. Spectators will NOT be allowed on the shooting lines, in the registration area or in the safety briefing.


Note that we are an outdoor range, with dirt roads and dirt and gravel / rocky surfaces. Please check the forecast and dress appropriately. We have a bottle of water for everyone but please bring additional water to hydrate properly. A hat, chapstick and sunscreen are always good to have at the range!  


We will be taking photos.  If you do NOT wish to be photographed, please let us know upon arrival.  We will put a “NO PHOTOS” sticker on your back. Otherwise, we will ask you to sign a photo waiver / release upon arrival.

Photo Policy: We encourage participants to take photos! However, phones / cameras are NOT allowed ON the shooting line. Friends / family members may take photos from behind the shooting line at a safe distance. Please ask permission before taking photos of the shooters.

Video Policy: Again, phones / cameras are NOT allowed ON the shooting line. Friends / family members may take videos from behind the shooting line at a safe distance. Please ask permission before taking video of the shooters.


There will NOT be any food / beverage for sale at the range. You will get a bottle of water when you leave registration. There are a few beverage vending machines and water stations in various locations of the range. Upon completion of the event, we have complimentary water and snacks for participants in the Swag & Brag Lounge.


Please assist us with making another Desert Flower Ladies’ Day fun and successful by being SAFE, and listening to all range commands and safety officers / volunteers. 

Know and always follow the NRA’s Universal Firearm Safety Rules:

  • Treat all firearms as if loaded.
  • Keep the FIREARM (muzzle) pointed in a safe direction (straight down range) at all times.
  • Keep your FINGER straight and off of the trigger at all times until you are pointed at the target and READY to shoot! 
  • When done shooting, take finger immediately off of the trigger and out of the trigger guard.
  • Know your target and what’s beyond your target.
  • Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


If you ordered a shirt, you can pick it up at registration. The shirts are pre-order only, but we will have a few extras for sale. #FirstCome


If you have any questions please email desertflower@herhandgun.com or text 480-262-2662. We look forward to shooting with you all! #PewPew

Sue, Debbie, Kippi,
and ALL of the DFLD Volunteers