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Basic Firearms 101 Class – November 21, 2009

Hello Ladies –

Happy Autumn / Fall!  We have been having such lovely weather so far this October. Unfortunately, it’s going to go triple digits again this weekend in Mesa – Just in time for our Basic Firearms 101 Class …  Oh well, I guess we won’t cross sunscreen and cold water off of our class list! 

Our October class is full, so we have put another Basic Firearms 101 Class on the calendar:

November 21st, 2009 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The class is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We know this can be a hectic time, but you can get up early Saturday morning, get your Turkey Day grocery shopping done (have your husband and kids help) and still make it to the range by 1:00 p.m. Consider it a tribute to our forefathers who actually hunted for their magnificent Thanksgiving Day bird (even though they probably used rifles & shotguns)!

If you’re interested in attending or have a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member who would like to work on their basic pistol skills before the holidays arrive, send us an e-mail!

[email protected]

Basic Firearms 101 Class Scheduled for October!

Hey Ladies –

We’ve just put another Basic Firearms 101 Class on the schedule:

October 17th, 2009 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you’re interested in attending or have a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member who would like to work on their basic pistol skills, send us an e-mail!

[email protected]

2009 USPSA Limited & Limited 10 Nationals – Match Recap

Debbie and I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada last week to attend the 2009 USPSA Limited, Limited-10 & Revolver Nationals.  We drove together, as my husband was already in Vegas.  He had gone earlier in the week for the first event, the Open & Production Nationals. 

The trip was quick and Deb and I passed the time talking mostly about  family,  friends, and shooting.  We get along very well, even though we are both very competitive on the range.  The trip just gave us another chance to get to know each other a little better. 

We arrived at the match hotel and said our good-byes, as we had decided not to stand in the extremely long check-in line.    This second National event hosted 322 competitiors, as compared with 426 at the Open / Production match.  It seemed, however, that most competitors were trying to check in at the same time.  Deb & I  hugged and knew that we would see each other tomorrow at the range.  

Kippi Leatham - USPSA L10 Nationals Awards Ceremony - Photo courtesy of J. Scott Durkin 
Fast forward 24 hours.  I arrived at the range about 12:35 p.m.  We were scheduled to shoot at 1:00.  Most of the other ladies were already on the stage.  I saw Debbie and checked in with her.  We try to support each other at the matches.  There is something comforting about seeing someone at the Nationals that you frequently see throughtout the year at your “club” matches. 

The first stage of a major match like this can be unnerving.  Even though we both shoot year-round, there is something different about a National or World Match.  They are extremely important events in which we want to perform well.  Due to this perspective, we are always a little more nervous than usual.  The first stage was not good for Debbie and even worse for me.  There were activators, swingers and bobbing targets.  We both assessed multiple penalties, which is NOT a great way to start the US Nationals.  We comiserated and got through the remaining four stages of the day, though not unscathed. 

Day two brought a new perspective.  We had both settled in a bit, we were shooting in the morning (which we both prefer), and we stuck to our mantra (have fun, hold on to the gun).  It just reminds us that we’re competing in our great sport because it’s so much fun, and that we really need to hold tightly on to the gun.  Sounds silly, but it’s a good thing for me to think about right before the buzzer goes off.  Incidentally, we both shot well and  had much better days!  We left the range feeling much better about our performances, and Debbie had actually finished by winning a stage! Day three, however, would not begin for another 24 hours.  That’s a lot of time to think, reconstruct, and woulda-coulda-shoulda yourself!  Thank goodness there is no shortage of “activities” in Sin City! 

We arrived at the range on the final day again around 12:30 p.m.  It was going to be a long, hot, dusty afternoon in the Nevada desert, as we had six stages and our largest amount of points yet to shoot.   Sporadic cloud cover and a gentle wind helped to reduce the 100+ degree temperatures.  We kept hydrated and energized, watched our sights,  and the afternoon passed quite quickly.  Debbie and I both shot strong, with a few minor hiccups, and finished our Nationals safely, with our heads held high and completely worn out! 

 By the time the final results were posted, Debbie and I had finished very close to each other.  To follow are the Top 8 Limited-10 Ladies:

1 – Randi Rogers
2 – Julie Golob
3 – Kippi Leatham
4 – Kay Miculek
5 – Debbie Keehart
6 – Maggie Reese
7 – Diana Le
8 – Kandi Blick

Debbie Keehart - 2009 USPSA L10 Nationals Awards Ceremony - Photo courtesy of J. Scott Durkin

Congratulations to all ladies who competed at the 2009 USPSA Back-To-Back Nationals.  It was definitely an endurance test in the desert, especially for those that shot both matches.    Debbie and I are always honored to compete with the Ladies Super Squad.  We had a great time (again) this year and witnessed many, many awesome performances.   To see pictures, videos, interviews and more-detailed stories of the match, check out womenofuspsa.com/wp.  This new website will be posting updates for both matches in the weeks to come.

2009 USPSA Handgun Nationals

Hey Gals,

Debbie and I are leaving for the USPSA Limited / Limited-10 Handgun Nationals tomorrow morning. We’re both real excited to get there, as we were unable to attend the first National of the week for Open & Production categories. It’s so hard to NOT be there! 

We want to congratulate all of the competitors, especially first-time National Champ, Megan Francisco, who won Open with 79 % of Max Michele’s winning score, and Jessie Abbate who won Production, shooting 75% of Robert Vogel’s top score.  Well done, ladies! 

Deb & I  hope to have a strong showing in Vegas.  We’ve been working diligently and are motivated to shoot well!  We’re looking forward to having fun, too.  We hope to get back safely in time for next week’s Ladies-Only pistol match on September 24th. We hope most of you gals can make it again and that we’ll also have some new faces in the group!

Until then … shoot straight and shoot safe!

Practice makes … frustration!

Deb and I have begun practicing several times a week in preparation for our upcoming USPSA Nationals.  We are really trying to push ourselves this year and our practice sessions have been much more difficult.   Our focus has been on shooting more quickly, on difficult target presentations.  We are trying to get our gun on the target and the shots off before we’re settled and comfortable

After a few hours of this, the excessive heat, and more than just a few shooting errors, we’ve been getting a little frustrated!   We shake it off, though,  knowing that we’ve put in some quality time.  We also know that the next time we shoot, we’ll be able to execute a bit faster and hopefully more accurately than we normally do, which is exactly why we practice!